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Tips for Choosing the Right Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are quite popular among different sectors of the world. They are used by people in the military, law enforcement, hikers, and adventurous trip seekers. It is not quite easy to find the right tactical flashlight as you have to consider a lot of things in mind when buying. Here are some great tactical reviews by Practical Travel Gear. This post is meant to make your process easier. The following are tips to consider.


tactical flashlightThis is the most important step to take into account when buying a tactical flashlight. You have to decide what you are purchasing and then buy light ranging flashlight. For example, if you are using it for hunting, you should get one that delivers over 1,000 lumens. On the other hand, if you are buying for sailing, recreation, and hiking, then you should choose one that delivers 300 to 900 lumens.

Weight and Features

New types of tactical flashlights are made of aircraft aluminum. This explains why they are lighter as compared to their traditional counterparts. Manufacturers understand that to compete in this market, they have to use materials that are waterproof. Remember that you are buying a tactical flashlight and it should be lighter but have all the required features such as being waterproof.


This is another important factor that you ought to consider when buying a tactical flashlight. As a result of increased competition, you can find a lot of convenient flashlights on the market. The right flashlight ought to be energy efficient even if it is using AA batteries. If you are a professional, you should get Lithium batteries as they offer adequate power required for daily usage.

Types of Batteries

technical outdoor flashlightBatteries power up the tactical flashlights. Nowadays, there are different types of batteries on the market. It is advisable to use alkaline batteries as they are readily available in the market and quite easy to use. Also, you have to consider the runtime power of the batteries and whether they are rechargeable. Usually, rechargeable batteries are quite costly.

Amount of Light

As noted above, tactical flashlights have a wide range of uses. If you do not need it a lot or use it to find the keys of your garage in the bag, then it should provide about 20 lumens. However, if you need it for moving around the house or dog walking, then it should deliver at least 250 lumens.