Essentials to Pack for a Trip on the Rocky Mountaineer Train

If you’re planning a Rocky Mountaineer Train trip, congratulations. You’re about to embark on one of the world’s most scenic and breathtaking train journeys. However, if you want to know more insights about the trip, you should click here. But before you hop aboard this luxury train, you must pack wisely to fully enjoy your experience without worrying about anything missing. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some essential items that should make it onto your packing list for an unforgettable journey through the Canadian Rockies.

Clothing & Accessories

clothes When it comes to packing for the Rocky Mountaineer Train, your clothing choices will depend on the season in which you’re traveling. If you’re going during the summer months, pack lightweight and breathable clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, and dresses. You should also bring a light jacket or sweater for those chilly evenings. For cooler weather, make sure to pack warm layers like jackets, sweaters, and pants made of thermal material. Consider bringing waterproof gear in case of rain or snow. Comfortable footwear is a must-have when traveling by train, so be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes or boots that provide good support for your feet while exploring stops along the way.

Food and Drinks

water When planning a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train, it’s important to consider what food and drink you should bring with you. While the train offers delicious meals throughout your journey, having some snacks and drinks on hand can make your experience even better. Bringing along some non-perishable snacks such as granola bars, nuts, or dried fruit is always a good idea. This will ensure that you have something to munch on in between meal times or during any stops along the way. In addition to snacks, packing some beverages is also recommended. The train provides passengers with water bottles, but bringing your own reusable bottle filled with your favorite beverage can help keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the trip.

Toiletries & Medications

medication Toiletries & Medications are essential items to pack for any trip. However, when traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer Train, it’s important to pack according to the train’s regulations. Make sure all toiletries are travel-sized and stored in a clear plastic bag. This is necessary because of security checks at train stations. You don’t want to throw away your favorite shampoo or lotion because it doesn’t meet regulations. When packing medication, bring enough for the duration of your trip, plus a few extra days just in case of delays or unforeseen circumstances. It’s also wise to keep medications in their original packaging with prescription labels intact. It’s also important not to forget essential personal care items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as any other grooming products you may need during your journey. Always carry a small first-aid kit that includes basic medical supplies like band-aids and painkillers. The good news is that most trains have onboard medical personnel who can assist with emergencies if needed.


In summary, packing for a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train requires some planning and consideration. You’ll need to think about the type of clothing you’ll need, including layers and comfortable shoes. Food and drinks are provided onboard, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own snacks if you have specific dietary requirements or preferences. Packing for a journey on the Rocky Mountaineer train is all about being prepared for any situation that may arise during your travels. With these tips in mind, you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of so that you can focus on enjoying the stunning scenery along the way.